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Who Is Abigail Folger and How She Died?

If you love coffee like millions of other people across the globe, you already know the Folger Coffee brand name. Abigail Folger was the daughter of the company’s founder. Also known as Gibby, she eventually inherited the fortune of her father’s business after his death.

Most of her life, Abigail spent in Los Angeles where she was involved in various social activities while mingling with the representatives of South Californian glamorous society.

She was young, beautiful, and rich. She could afford fashionable outfits and stylish makeups to stand out from the crowd. Folger was an intelligent and beautiful person. Unfortunately, she was stabbed with three of her friends in the Tate mansion at the age of 26.

What do we actually know about her life? How did she die? What were her interests and passion? Read on to learn more about some facts from her bio as well as the fatal introduction to the Manson’s family on the day she died.

The Glamorous Life in LA

From the early childhood, Gibby had everything she wanted. Peter Folger was the chairman of the coffee empire under the Folgers Coffee name. Despite being rich and beautiful, Abigail Folger could hardly be called a spoiled person. She never stopped searching for something to live for apart from wealth and glam. However, living in Los Angeles required being a part of the higher society featuring actors, singers and other representatives of the glamorous crowd.

Nevertheless, Gibby still tried to do something good to people who were at the bottom of the poverty. She used to be a social worker lending a hand to people from poor boroughs such as Watts ghetto. On the other hand, her beauty and wealth defined the future acquaintance with the world of television and motion pictures. It certainly had a negative impact on her world’s overview and eventually resulted in her death.

Her father never blamed her for a rich hippie lifestyle, He said she was still eager to get back to their Woodside family mansion being tired of glamorous parties and entertainments. On the other hand, LA police officers remembered her as a part of the crowd taking drugs and drinking alcohol round the clock.

They often freaked out and threw nigh parties that bothered everyone around in the borough. We are not to judge her. It was a part of the glamour lifestyle. It was so hard to give up especially if you had money and beauty.

The Access to the Show Business Industry

For some time, Gibby failed to enter the world of show business. It was until she met Jay Sebring. He worked as men’s barber and stylist. Abigail decided to help her new friend and invest in his chain of barbershops and salons across the LA. They actually had a romantic affair but not for long. After she finally entered the industry of show business, she started dating with Voityck Frokowsky.

Hailing from Poland, he once was a famous European director and a close friend of Roman Polanski. Gibby and Polanski wife Sharon Tate were good friends. Both were killed during the fatal night when they met Manson family in the Tate mansion as well as Gibby’s boyfriends Frokowsky and Sebring.

Abigail’s father did not have a clue about what was happening to her daughter and whom she was dating with. The entire family was unaware of her connections and activities. In other words, Abigail Folger was left on her own with new pals and boyfriends in the pack.

Museum of Fine Arts

Unlike most of her friends, Miss Folger still was eager to get a proper education and knowledge. She successfully graduated from Radcliffe and later got a job at the University of California Art located in Berkeley. According to her colleagues, Gibby was an extremely outgoing person.

She did her best whenever it came to organizing special events for the Museum of Fine Arts. They included exhibitions, presentations, meetings, etc. Her employers said she never acted or looked like a hippie.

After working for some time in the museum, Abigail decided to leave LA for the Big Apple. They said she got a job proposal. After working for some time at the Gotham Book Mart, she eventually came back to California.

The Fatal Meeting with Manson Stabbers

Miss Folger died on August 8, 1969. She was about to celebrate her next birthday if it was not for that fatal night when she met Manson family. That day she teamed up with Wojciech, Sharon Tate, and Jay Sebring to have dinner at a popular Mexican restaurant. Then they decided to get away from the crowd and moved to Tate’s mansion where all four were killed by the notorious followers of the Manson clan. Gibby was stabbed by Krenwinkel.

According to the killers, she ran away from the mansion even after getting several hits by the knife. However, the assassin got her and kept on cutting. Her last words were: “I give up, you’ve got me. I’m already dead”.

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