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Amy Krouse Rosenthal Life, Books, and Death

If you have children and love reading books to them, you might have heard of Amy Krouse Rosenthal. At least, you may have one of her books for kids in your home library.

You can go and look for it a bit later, as we are going to tell you some more facts about Amy Krouse Rosenthal life, writing career, and her contribution into making our life a bit more uplifting and joyful.

Amy Krouse Rosenthal is mainly known for her numerous books for children. Her short stories usually depicted different animals put under real-life conditions, her mission was to teach kids to find the way out or get on with people around them whatever happened.

Apart from kids’ books writing, Amy managed to show up with several adult works as well. She used to work on the radio and filmed a couple of short movies. Amy Krouse Rosenthal left an enormous legacy after her death at the age of 52. It is high time we revised some of her life highlights

The Bio and Lifetime Facts

Rosenthal had enormous writing experienced and could be easily called a writing veteran. She boasted a huge track record of children books as well as books for adults. Born on April 29, 1965, she was also involved in filming short movies without professional equipment. She could hardly call herself a professional director, as Amy filmed her stories using a simple smartphone. It let her generate a solid army of followers on YouTube.

The writer appeared to have a versatile talent. Amy did his best while hosting one of the radio shows. She studied the French language at Tufts University after getting an early education. However, it was not enough to stay in Chicago where she decided to reside. Living from hand to mouth was hardy her dream in the City of Winds.

For this reason, Rosenthal made up her mind to get involved in advertising and started working as a copywriter. It was actually the first step on her professional writer’s path. As a result, Amy can show off a huge track of 30+ kids’ books in addition to her 4 books for grownups.

Husband and Family

Amy got plenty of prestigious titles and awards. She was named the bestselling author by New York Times. In 1991, she eventually found her soul mate and married a man named Jason Brian Rosenthal. The story behind their relations was not as easy as it might seem. They met at a blind date arranged by Amy’s friend in 1989.

She fell for Brian right at once, while it took her future husband about a year to reveal his most sincere feelings towards a promising writer. Amy always claimed that date was the life-changing moment in her life. She always knew Brian is the one and they would get married someday. The couple had a very successful marriage lasting 26 years until writer’s death. They were blessed with a daughter and two sons.

Fatal Diagnosis

The filmmaker and writer died on March 13, 2017, in her home city of Chicago, where she spent most of her life with the family. Rosenthal was diagnosed with a fatal disease. She started feeling pain in her right side and decided to consult the doctor. It appears she was subliminally struggling with ovarian cancer all that time. The fatal diagnosis was revealed on September 5, 2015.

The disease came by surprise. The couple had to postpone some of their plans. They were forced to cancel their family trip to South Africa. Amy always dreamt to explore Asia together with her mother. No more would she had a chance to visit schools in India. Rosenthal noted there was no wonder why the words “cancel” and “cancer” sounded almost the same.

Books and Movies

As it was mentioned before, Amy had different talents apart from writing books. She was a great radio show host in addition to her popular short movies with thousands of followers on YouTube. The most exciting thing about her films was the fact she used only her smartphone to create them from scratch. No special equipment at all. All Rosenthal needed to come up with award-winning video content was a Flip camera or iPhone.

A simple idea grew into a creative project. Amy came up with animated versions of some of her most popular books for children. She never suffered from the lack of followers. Once Rosenthal asked people to come and help her with another movie. 400 people showed up including a couple that fell in love during the filming process.

Everything she did was surrounded by love and care. Have any doubts? Simply read at least one of her iconic books aloud. Some of them are still included in the Big Apple’s bestselling list.

You can look them up in the nearest books store, here are some of the most popular ones: Uni the Unicorn, I Wish You More, Suck! Rabbit!, Little Oink and many more. Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life is another great book by Amy to look for. Published in 2005, it comes in form of the alphabetic memoirs. The book is available in various digital stores such as Amazon and some others.

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