Anthony Scaramucci – biography

photo Anthony Scaramucci – biography

Education and Private Life of Anthony Scaramucci

A future successful financier was born on January 6th, 1964. His grandfather emigrated from the central region of Italy to the New York state. Anthony came from a middle-class family. His father was a constructor and his mother was a housewife.

He received an education on the faculty of economics at Tufts University (Massachusetts) in 1986 earning the degree of Bachelor of Arts. Later, in 1989 he earned the Juris Doctor degree at Harvard Law School; however, he has never practiced law after that.

The financier got married for the second time in 2014, and he has five children: three with the first wife and two with the second one.

Business Activities

During 1989-1996 A. Scaramucci was working in Goldman Sachs. The future financier started his career entering the bank investment sector. In 1996, Anthony decided to quit his work in the bank and start his own business. Joining Andrew Boszhardt, Anthony founded an investment company OCM (Oscar Capital Management).

Nonetheless, five years later the founders of OCM sold it to Neuberger Berman. In 2003 their acquiring company also merged with Lehman Brothers. So, Scaramucci started to manage investment flows in Lehman Brothers.

Two years later, in 2005, A. Scaramucci founded another investment company called SkyBridge Capital (SBC). According to financial reports of 2016, under his management the total assets of SBC were assessed at $12 bln. In 2014, SBC bought the rights for Wall Street Week show where different economic topics were discussed. This company is also known for series of conferences. Later on Scaramucci sold the SBC company.

Social Activities

One of the major Scaramucci’s attainment is the foundation of a research organization that advises the government on the questions of the USA security and various aspects of business. Scaramucci is a member of various social organizations, for example, supporting people and their relatives who suffer from brain tumors.

Scaramucci organized numerous charity events supporting children with HIV infection, and it led to his nominations for charity awards. He also takes part in an activity of Foreign Policy Council and visits World Economic Forums held in Davos.

Political Issues

In 2008, the financier stated that he supports Barack Obama, nevertheless, four years later he attracted funds for Mitt Romney who was Obama’s opponent. The reason for such a decision was that Obama’s financial policy seemed to be imprudent,

During the elections in 2016, the famous financier was on the Republican side and took part in Donald Trump’s financial committee. After the victory, Trump decided to include him in a transition team, and in the early 2017, the financier could become Trump’s adviser on business relations. However, he stated that he would get another job because to accept this one Scaramucci needed to sell his share in SBC. The administration decided that this deal could be non-ethic to the buyer from China – HNA Group.

Last summer, Scaramucci was a 10-days director of communications in American administration. In a period of less than two weeks he had a major conflict with his former boss Reince Priebus and a Chief Strategist Steve Bannon. After Priebus’ dismission Scaramucci decided to leave too in order to let the new chief John Kelly build a new team. At the same time, Kelly did not give any credibility for Anthony in terms of his undisciplined behavior.

Now Scaramucci works as a Vice President of USA Export-Import Bank.

The Scandal around Russia

Last year CNN investigated the interaction between the famous financier and Kirill Dmitriev, who directs RDIF. It was stated that they met in 2016 during the Davos forum and discussed the softening of measures against Russia. However, later these materials were deleted by CNN because of their non-editorial content, and Scaramucci got apologies.

Scaramucci is also well-known for his statement during the Davos forum last year. The financier stated that sanctions against Russia do not work efficiently due to Russians’ strong mental character who are able to even chew snow for survival.

Other Activities

Anthony Scaramucci is also a writer who published three books. For example, the film “Wall Street: Money Does Not Sleep” is based on his book “Goodbye Gordon Gekko”, written in 2010. Also, he is known for producing two films in 2013.

In 2011, the financier received the E&Y annual award. A. Scaramucci was also awarded for his activities as a humanitarian.

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