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Who is Arash “Ari” Aramesh and what do we know about him?

Arash Aramesh is a political expert, a practicing lawyer, and a Middle East analyst from the USA. Arash became widely recognized after he appeared on the list of the most popular TV channels including Aljazeera, BBC, MSNBC, CNN, and Fox. Aramesh often uses the short form of his name, calling himself “Ari”.

  – Full name: Arash Aramesh;

  – Date of birth: April 19, 1984;

  – Hometown: Tehran, Iran.


Ari graduated from three different universities studying three different courses.

Aramesh’s first alma mater was University of California, Berkeley. He studied the Middle East politics, the Farsi language, and the literature of Arabic countries.

His main aim there was not only to become advanced in understanding of important processes of the region but also to be able to speak local languages fluently. Ari graduated from UC Berkeley in 2007 with two Bachelor of Art degrees: in politics in general, and in the Middle East politics in particular.

After receiving Bachelor of Arts degree Aramesh also got Master of Science degree in 2009. His second alma mater was London School of Economics. At LSEP Ari studied yet other aspects of Politics Studies such as conflictology and Comparative Politics.

The last university Ari attended was Stanford Law School. In order to consider his own education complete Aramesh decided to study International Law. Stanford seemed to be an appropriate place for it since it is widely recognized as one of the best three universities to study law in the United States (the other two are Yale and Harvard).

During the whole period of studying Arash prioritized participation in all kinds of activities that might help him in his future career. The most notable of them were:

  • Work as an assistant to Sig Hecker, Director of the National Laboratory of Los Alamos, New Mexico.
  • Work as an assistant to William Perry, Secretary of Defense.
  • Close collaboration with Journal of International Law published by Stanford. Aramesh was not only in the Article Selection Committee but also a Member Editor.
  • Work as a director of the Afghanistan Legal Education Project.
  • Writing multiple articles that were published in political magazines all over the globe.

Ari graduated from Stanford with a Doctor of Jurisprudence degree in 2014 and became the only student on the Stanford Law School’s “Faculty Experts List”.


The first working experience of Aramesh was working as a summer associate. He worked at Miller and Chevalier for two months in 2012. Later he worked at Bryan Cave for another two months in 2013.

After the second graduation, Ari changed the living place. He went to Washington, District of Columbia because he was offered a job. It was the vacancy at The Century Foundation. Ari’s occupation at the company was to associate the Iran Program. There were no doubts about his conformity, especially thanks to his fluent Farsi.

Aramesh was able to combine studying and working as a Course Assistant at Stanford University. He collaborated with the Department of Management Science and Engineering for four months in 2012 -2013 and with the Department of Computer Science for over a year in 2013 – 2014.

For two years he practiced at the legal proceedings boutique Yetter Coleman, Limited Liability Partnership with the office in Houston, Texas. Because of the firm’s high level of prestige, he was able to apply for the best law firms later in his career.

In 2015 Ari became one of the founders of the physician recruitment company Locum Ease, Limited Liability Company. He serves as a Vice President till nowadays. Aramesh is at the helm of development and expansion department.

His main goal as a Vice President is to build a custom development strategy to guarantee the best quality of health care to the customers, and to decrease the price of the treatment given to the clients as much as possible. The firm covers a wide list of medical services: emergency medicine, hospitalization, cardiology, anesthesiology, and urgent care medicine.

Ari joined one of the best ranked law company of the world, Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan with the office in San Francisco, California in 2017. His specialization is complex commercial litigation.

Ari worked on a list of complex political and peacekeeping problems ranging from the Ukrainian crisis to the nuclear power dossier of Iran, from Syrian war, to China’s sanctions over the past eight years.

Aramesh often appears on TV all over the country and the entire world. He takes part in different political shows and debates, gives numerous interviews, and publishes a huge variety of political articles in world’s most popular and prestigious magazines.

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