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The story of a lovely lady — Dominique Sachse

Dominique Sachse is a TV presenter of the local channel in Houston, as well as a journalist who received the Emmy award.


Dominique is a British journalist with twenty years of experience. Her Zodiac sign is Gemini. She was born in Miami, Florida, in June, 1968. She is of German and Ukrainian origin. Together with her brothers and sisters she grew up in an American family, and she has an American citizenship.

Education and achievements

The girl was educated in London, and thanks to her diligence and achievements in school, as a reward, she received a transfer to Hillcroft College located in London’s Richmond upon Thames. She then studied at the University of Houston, where she graduated as a journalist.

A journalist-millionaire, one of those who receives a high salary equal to other people’s annual income. Presumably, this amount is $1 million. Her annual income is also added to her income from YouTube channels. As of 2018, her equity capital is five and a half million US dollars. It is expected that next year it will increase by another two million dollars.

This multi-faceted woman, who is very successful in the journalistic field, is registered on the lists of millionaires with an income of more than 5.5 million US dollars.

The TV presenter spends two-thirds of her earnings in jewelry boutiques, as she is obsessed with various sound elements and beautiful decorations. A lot of money goes to travel and charity. She owns a beautiful house worth 1 million dollars, an area of 5,000 square meters.

Dominic is also the founder and owner of the fitness revolution program and the creator of the TV show “Samir Becic’s ReSync method”, which uses body movement and resistance to the creation of functional muscles and promotes weight loss.

Personal life

The journalist was married twice. There is no information about her first husband. Her current husband’s name is Nick Florescu, a billionaire with a Romanian name whom she married in May, 2012, at the age of 44. The wedding was held by pastor Joel from the Church of Lakewood, who is a local celebrity. The couple met a year before. Nick gave his fiancée an emerald wedding ring of unsurpassed beauty.

The beauty blogger has a son from her first marriage. Her current husband also has five children from previous marriages. To sum up, their family consists of eight people.

Everyday work

Sachse has started her career as a subway reporter for a number of radio channels in the 90s. She worked as a radio jockey and a news reporter. Her programs were a huge success. She worked on radio channels for more than three years, she moved to work in KPRC-TV, virtual channel 2 to increase traffic. A few months later she was promoted to become a journalist of the channel. Her present place of work is KPR CH2.

She has worked for 25 years In television news.

The TV host has many awards, including two Emmy awards. She is considered one of the best journalists. In addition to journalistic practice, she is also active on YouTube, where she teaches girls to do styling for short hair, conducts tours of her home and gives advice on the decor, shows how and what to wear clothes, and how to apply makeup. She always looks impressive and stylish! The channel already has more than 67 million views and more than 400 thousand subscribers. Users love the presenter for a pleasant voice and an unusual manner of behaving.

About her YouTube channel the beauty blogger says that she created it to teach other women to do installation, apply makeup and and choose the right clothes. She is teaching girls to develop their creative personality.

Social networking is currently a very strong influence on the active journalists. Establishing close and active relationships with their fans to increase the ratings of TV viewing companies is quite important nowadays. The income of reporters depends on the rating of the company. The TV presenter is an example of this famous trend, as she is present everywhere on the Internet, despite her age, and she is over fifty years old.

She has 138.7 thousand subscribers on Facebook, more than 84 thousand subscribers on Instagram, and on Twitter her life is watched by almost 47 thousand users.

The woman looks graceful. She is 1.8 tall and her weight is about 62 kg. She has an attractive figure and perfect body, thanks to her daily workouts and healthy balanced food.

People say that this charming lady has undergone several plastic breast augmentations, rhinoplasty, and Botox injections, which are popular treatments for wrinkles. But the journalist denies these rumors.

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