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A Sportsman Addicted to Politics and Just a Good Man — Eli Stokols

Eli Stokols is a popular American reporter. He graduated from Berkeley University.


Eli Stokols was born in California, in June, 1979. He spent his childhood in Irvine. His family consisted of five people: his father, his mother, Eli and his two brothers.

His father, Daniel Stokols, is a researcher and a professor of ecology at Berkeley University.

The boy was fond of reports since his childhood. He got his first journalism skills in his parent’s living room interviewing guests. Not far from his home there was a park where baseball competitions were held, and there Eli tried himself as a reporter, commenting on the games.


Stokols went to school together with the famous American baseball player Garrett Atkins, and they are friends till this day. Eli is an avid sports fan and he supports his friend Atkins in all his endeavors. In high school he was his teammate. And 10 years later, Eli got a unique opportunity to comment on Garrett’s exploits during the 2007 world series of baseball in his articles.

After graduating from College, Eli entered Columbia University and at the age of 22 he graduated from graduate school of journalism MS. His specialty is “Art, History and Mass Communication”.

However, the study is not completed, he continues his education. While studying at Columbia University’s graduate school of journalism in New York, he covered various events at the 911 rescue organization throughout the year. He also documented the work of the Manhattan fire department. He is a graduate of the best state university in the world — Berkeley, California.


Upon completion of training, Eli was employed in the KSLA News 12 and worked there until 2005. Then, Eli worked on Denver’s radio Waves as a reporter in Louisiana dealing with breaking news about crime and corruption, tornadoes and hurricanes. For his excellent report, the journalist was awarded the reporter of the year award and two Louisiana Association of journalists awards.

In 2005, Eli leaves KSLA to work as a night reporter on the 2 KWGN channel. After having worked on the channel as a general reporter, he became a political observer in 2009 and conducts his reports from Monday to Thursday and Sunday evening.

During the campaign of 2012, Eli was the only reporter from Colorado who met face-to-face with Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and Barack Obama.

For a special series of programs, Stokols received the Emmy award. In 2015, he started working at POLITICO, and worked there as a political reporter for more than two years. His job was to highlight the Republican presidential election campaign in 2016.

As a reporter Eli achieved great success and in April last year left American media organization, as he received an offer from the Wall Street Journal to be their representative at the President’s residence. Eli also collaborates with MS NBC as a political analyst.

He is the creator and producer of the television program Emmy #CO politics: from the Source, which is aired on Sunday morning.

Throughout his career, he paid maximum attention to the night news, video documentaries and narrative writing. He also shares political news on his pages KDVR com and Twitter.


Stokols was married to Lane Stone, but their marriage was unsuccessful, and they soon separated.

Now Eli is in a romantic relationship with a journalist Elena Schneider from POLITICO. The wedding celebration is scheduled for September 2018. It will be held at 16:30, in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA.

The ceremony will take place in the garden of the Augsburg Lutheran Church. The couple will receive guests in Beta Verde.

Not only is he an experienced journalist, he’s a pretty good photographer.

Many colleagues of Eli consider him strange because he wants to save all penguins.

Stokols is an avid reader. The famous reporter spends most of his budget on books. Eli has a huge collection of books, and says he has read most of them. Joan Didion is his favorite writer.

The reporter has a unique talent to produce news, he writes excellent essays, conducts reports, successfully comments on politicians. In his works, Eli seeks to provide both sides of the story, offer context, and break the gap between government officials and the public at large. He talks about human impact of laws and public policies and the human nature of the legislators who make them.

Eli is a gourmet, he likes a good hearty sandwich. His friends say, “Ask about him, what he is interested in, and he will say that he likes a great burger.”

Some consider him a “political addict”, others — just a writer and a good man.

Stokols’ office is located in the Los Angeles Times, Washington, DC.

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