Jesse Duplantis – biography

pic Jesse Duplantis – biography

Jesse Duplantis Career, Family and Bio Facts

Formerly known under “Ferry Jaxon” name, Jesse Duplantis is a dedicated evangelistic Christian minister from New Orleans, Louisiana. His is a well-known TV star and a rather controversy person when it comes to God and belief.

Jesse Duplantis is the founder of his JDM Christian ministry. He is also the head of Covenant Church and the author to numerous books and TV series. He used to be a guitarist in the Summer Wine band as a teenager. Duplantis regularly takes part in various charitable events. His funds and organizations raise funds to support people who have their backs against the wall. For example, Jesse Duplantis group helped people who lost their homes and possessions demolished by Hurricane Katrina back in 2005.

What do we actually know about his charismatic evangelist? Let’s have a closer look at some of his interesting biography facts and career stages.

The Introduction: Who Is Jesse Duplantis?

Hailing from New Orleans, Duplantis is a 69-year old charismatic Cristian minister also known as the founder of the world’s famous Jesse Duplantis Ministries or JDM for short. He is a recognizable preacher who teaches people of abundance and prosperity. For this reason, the preacher is often being referred to a so-called “prosperity gospel”.

Despite the fact Jesse failed to have a strong backup in the United States, he managed to spread his influence across the United Kingdom and Australia. Duplantis seems to be a 100% family guy. He has a big family in addition to a huge net worth that appears to be the reason for tons of criticism towards him and his activities.

The Beginning of Preaching Career

Some of his followers would be surprised to know that Duplantis was not keen on religion and preaching from the very start. His interests were separate from what we call faith or belief. Music was the first of Jesse’s true love. He used to be a talented guitarist and played in a band called Summer Wine. If it was not for preaching, Duplantis could have become a popular heavy metal guitar player. Unfortunately, nothing is known about his education.

The first sermon preached by Duplantis took place in 1976. Two years later, he started working as an evangelistic minister. Jesse featured an award-winning combination of humoristic approach blended with music and comic talents. Duplantis quickly started gaining recognition and fame. It eventually let him found Covenant Church after teaming up with his wife Cathy in 1997. JDM started to expel with representations in different parts of the world through its headquarters were still located in the home state.

That was the turning point of Duplantis career. He turned into a media person almost instantly featuring regular TV appearances in addition to web and radio podcasts. Jesse had several TV shows if his own. They were broadcasted by top networks including NBC and CBS. He started earning millions of dollars. Hs net worth keeps growing each year, which results in growing critics towards the Duplantis evangelistic clan.

Christian Minister Career

His career as a Christian minister started in 1976. That was the time when he debuted at the first ever sermon. Nothing is known about reasons to give up his career as a heavy metal guitarist. A few people are aware of why he decided to become a preacher.

However, he seems to make the right decision, as Jesse started gaining success and recognition almost instantly. Some people called him “The Apostle of Joy” due to his great sense of humor and comic manner. This is what made him so popular. Duplantis managed to become a full-time evangelistic minister in only two years after the debut. His church now boasts branches and representations in different countries including Australia and the United Kingdom.

Jesse Duplantis Family

As it was mentioned before, Jesse Duplantis is natural born family guy. His has a wife whose name is Cathy. She co-founded Covenant Church together with her husband in 1997. They have a daughter named Jodi. Overall, Jesse has 9 siblings. It seems like they never suffer from the lack of guests at Thanks Giving.

Critiques and Skepticism towards Jesse Duplantis

It seems like Jesse got used to tons of critiques he has been receiving over the years. He often takes rather controversial decisions, which annoys his opponents in a great way. One of such decisions was buying a jet for $54 million. On the one hand, he is the one to decide how to spend his own money. On the other hand, it was not really wise of him to share that information with his follows via social networks.

Despite all criticism, Jesse tried to explain such a purchase. According to his message, if Jesus would live at present, he would hardly ride a donkey. Well, he would also very unlikely to buy private jets. Showing off is not the best feature of character especially for the preacher with global recognition.

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