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What do we know about Paris Dennard?

An African American Paris Dennard is a supporter of the current commander-in-chief of the USA, a political and social commentator, a participant and a speaker of numerous local, national and international conferences. The details about the childhood of Paris are unknown. He was born in 1982, in the capital of Arizona.


He began his political career in high school, where he represented the Great old party. In his hometown he studied at Brophy, graduate school of the order of the Jesuits. There he was elected to the post of the head of school administration. He then graduated from Pepperdine University, a private non-profit research institution, where he studied a special program and received a diploma in political science and PR. As a result, he has excellent skills necessary for politics.

During his studies he was elected the head of the “Union of students” — an organization that takes part in the management of the campus and voices the opinions and views of students.

He studied in England for one semester. While studying in college, he also held a leading position: he was elected the President of the Association of adolescents. And in 2000, he spoke at the National Convention of Republicans in Philadelphia, which is remarkable because there he was the youngest speaker.


His work as a strategist of political and corporate communications began in the administrative organizations of the then head of state – George Bush. What is remarkable, there he worked as a speaker and a commentator.

He began his work in the administration in 2005 Until 2009, he worked in the Department of legislation, Department of policy and PR. During this time, he was the Chief Executive Officer at the official residence of the US President, where he was associated with the American black community. In this role, he coordinated the meetings and visits of the head of the state, the wife of the head of state and the house of representatives. He was also responsible for all the events.

Paris Dennard successfully used his unique professional experience and talents to advise on matters of fashion, image and style. He held the position of a PR Director in a law firm specializing in energy, health, environmental law and non-profit management.

In 2009, he was the Deputy Director-general for coalitions at RNA. Then, in 2011, he became a consultant on political management, the art of strategic management, training and media relations. During this period, he was also appointed Director-general of the strategic management Fund at TMC, where he is currently working.

In 2013 he founded the PD Consulting Group, which successfully provided such services:

  • redevelopment of business;
  • implementation of actions;
  • brand promotion and image change;
  • political strategy;
  • development of candidates and management of personal growth.

Mr. Paris was the PR-director of SC, a legal services firm, and General Manager of event management at the International Republic Institute.

During the 2016 elections, he was the official representative of the media of Donald Trump, who, after becoming a President, appointed Mr. Dennard a Commissioner of the presidential residence scholarship Commission.

He is currently the author of comments on the Republican party. For many years he has been engaged in business development, image consulting and branding. He takes part in programs on various TV channels of the country, on the radio and online programs.

An interesting fact

Paris is known for his huge collection of ties. His collection contains more than 600 pieces.

He was dismissed from the post of the head of the International Republican Institute,an international Department, for his tactless behavior and gestures towards the women. An article about this was published by the American daily newspaper in August, 2018. Dennard didn’t voice any complaints, he only claimed that this was a joke. He said that the journalists published this article as a revenge for his support of the head of state and the Republican party.

After this article, NPR WBUR announced that they would deal with the situation.

In August 2018, a public radio station located in Boston announced the decision on P. Dennard. In the daily edition an explanation was published of the alleged misconduct of the scandalous commentator at the University of Arizona. It was reported that he did make periodic contributions as the author of the comments of certain political news programs, but he was not an employee of the radio company NPR. A recent report on his alleged behavior at school was disturbing and they suspended the further use of Mr. Dennard’s services until the situation is resolved.

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