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Hailing from California, Rich Piana made a long way from a sensational bodybuilder to an entrepreneur, a stunt actor and a writer. He took part in several popular movies and made a name for himself as a dedicated professional.

Piana hit the headline after being deeply involved in bodybuilding at the starting point of his career. He boasted amazing stats featuring 23,5-inch arms weighing 290+ pounds. Rich always had an army of followers and dedicated fans despite some criticism related to his video content. Some considered it as too raw and honest, which represented an inappropriate format at that time.

Piana was never ashamed to share his steroid experience. Steroid usage appeared to be fatal resulting in sportsman’s early death in 2017. On the other hand, Rich was always fair whenever it came to describing all the positive and negative sides of the bodybuilding career.

Piana Bodybuilding Career

Born on September 26, 1970, Piana was heavily influenced by his mother who regularly took part in various bodybuilding contests. For this reason, it is not surprising Rich got involved in this kind of sport at the age of 9. Moreover, he was encouraged by a successful example of Bill Cambra who was a popular bodybuilder at those times.

After spending time in the gym together with his mom for two years, Rich started taking up some workouts at the age of 11. Four years later, Piana took part in his first ever bodybuilding competition. He had a great potential and craved for trophies. Such approach let him win various prestigious titles by the age of 19 including the belt of “Mr. California”.

For almost 20 years, Rich actually had no rivals in various contests. He kept taking part in tournaments and competition winning such prestigious titles as Border States Classic Championships and NPC Sacramento Pro.

Piana’s Business Intentions

After Rich was done with the bodybuilding career, he decided to contribute to cinematography. Rich used to be a stunt actor and a writer. He boasted a long filmography featuring various TV Series like “Camaraderie with Supermutant Rich Piana”. He also got a part in “Buseys Run Away” movie and was a stuntman in the iconic “Planet of the Apes”.

Apart from Hollywood efforts, Piana became pretty influencing in the Global Web featuring his YouTube shows and regular appearances in commercial TV and online programs. The pictures of his mutant body and muscles took the Internet by storm resulting in thousands of followers and subscribers. In other words, Piana turned into the online bodybuilding sensations with his unique approach to share ideas and thoughts making him the real jet set of the bodybuilding industry.

Rich Piana Personal Life

Despite his business and sports success, Rich failed to create a happy family. He was married twice and both of his marriages were far from being perfect. His first wife left him because of Rich’s affair. Then Piana met a popular model Chanel Jansen. They dated for a long time although the couple never gave a word about getting married.

His next relations with a bodybuilder Sara Heimisdóttir ended up with wedding though they split up in 2016. An Icelandic supermodel took the audience by storm during the 2010’s. She became a bodybuilding sex symbol with an army of fans around the world.

According to the rumors, the reason for splitting up was the incident with Sara stealing money from Rich. Little is known about real causes. What we know is that Piana resumed his relations with Jansen who stayed with him until the last day of Rich’s life.

Criticism towards Piana

Despite all success and popularity, some people shared their criticism towards Piana’s approach. The reason for that criticism was his controversy steroid usage. Rich was never ashamed of sharing his steroid experience. On the one hand, he never encouraged people to take steroids. On the other hand, Piana provided a detailed look at all positive and negative aspects of being a professional bodybuilder in his own unique manner.

Another reason for tons of criticism was the fact Rich started taking steroids at the age of 18. Well, who did not when it comes to old-school bodybuilders? Piana’s idea was not to prevent young people from taking his own path but to educate them showing all possible stumbling blocks and problems that could face on the way to success.

Piana’s Fight for Life

August 7, 2017. 1:30 p.m. Piana suffered from a severe heart attack. Rich collapsed and seriously hit his head while having his hair cut by Jansen.

When the medics finally arrived, they confirmed his heart not beating properly.

Rich spent in coma 14 days and died on August 21, 2017. That was the day the big name of bodybuilding lost in the contest for his life.

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