Rich Piana – biography

photo Rich Piana – biography

Great Rich’s life story

Rich Piana – is a unique person. He is one of the most successful businessmen, who initially started as a bodybuilder. He is originally from Texas, where he was born in 1971.

Piana joined the weightlifters at the age of 11. His mother was the main motivator for him and Rich was impressed watching her getting ready for a competition in the gym.

This made him enthusiastic and he followed his mother’s path. Rich got enrolled in his first competition 4 years later but failed to win.

Rich’s steroid story started when he was 18 during the preparation for junior competitions. According to Piana’s testimony first course was quite plain. The athlete did testosterone and Deca Durabolin. Rich gained 27 lbs. just in 8 weeks, whereas 22 lbs. out of the gained weight were muscles.

Piana claimed that he was a tough guy even without using steroids. His bench press was 300 lbs. Following an 8-week course, his bench press grew to 365 lbs. and he was an absolute champion in the competitions. This victory success spinned the guy’s head and Piana could not stop. He had been in sport for 34 years and reached the peak of success in bodybuilding in 2009. He won absolute leadership at a National Physique Committee (NPC) competition.

After Rich had spotlighted the fact that he was taking drugs, he no longer participated in bodybuilding competitions.

Though all his life was connected with professional sport, still it wasn’t the meaning of his life. He concluded that it is not something which can bring him a good income. The bodybuilder wanted to start and boost his private business. To save some money and to start the business, Rich had to refuse almost from everything and tremendously cut his spendings and all expenses. Finally, he came out with an idea to start his own sports nutrition and accessories line called “Rich Piana 5% Nutrition”, which can be purchased in online shops and at the sports nutrition selling spots.

The line itself is very cost-effective and contains pretty much for daily sports activities and nutrition. Comparatively cheap prices attracted athletes and this brought Rich Piana a good profit. The popular athlete revealed his success stories, shared pictures and videos of his individual workouts through his YouTube channel. Watches, cars, and sneakers – this is how Rich characterized his hobbies. The huge Swiss watch Invicta, the BMW 6 Series Convertible and the amazing collection of Adidas were his main legacy.

His personal life was not a secret to anyone, because the more frankly you are on your video blog, the higher is your rating. He got married with Sara Heimis three months after they had started to date, he was 44 at the time, and she was only 26.

Their wedding, age difference, and the subsequent divorce were hot topics to discuss. Whether it was done on purpose or not, all the hype around him only made a positive impact on the sales growth of his sports nutrition. After the wedding, Sara became not only the wife of the star but also the brand ambassador of produced sports nutrition. They moved to a new house, trained and did business together.

However, one day Rich caught his new wife carrying out financial operations, which were unauthorized by him. In simple terms, Sara was stealing money from Rich. And later on from Sara’s phone conversation with her mother, he found out that this marriage was for her just a way to get the American passport. Love immediately ran out and Rich filed for divorce.

But just in a few months after the release of the video about the break with Sara, he posted a new one, where he had been already talking about his new/old passion – Chanel Jansen. Chanel and Rich had known each other for a long time. They had close personal and business interests. Just in three days after they broke up with Sara, Rich met his ex-love early in the morning at the gym. Their relationship lasted another 9 months.

On August 11, 2017, Rich Piana was hospitalized. After paramedical arrived they found a white powder and a tube for inhaling it, so they immediately suspected an overdose. As Chenel claimed, Rich took his favorite pre-training complex, produced under the brand name Kill It. But according to the police report, Richard Piana had drugs (opiates) and 20 testosterone bottles in the house.

What actually that powder was no one knows, but doctors injected two doses of anti-drug and took him to the hospital, where he was immersed in a medically induced coma. Rich Piana didn’t make it. After 18 days spent in coma, the media reported his death. It happened on the 25th of August 2017.

The image of the shocking truth-seeker, which he created, multiplied by the natural talent of the showman brought him immense popularity and millions of dollars. He was an ambiguous person, but the bodybuilding world will not be the same without him.

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