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The Story behind Robert Parks Valletta

The popular TV star and film producer, Robert Parks Valletta made a name for himself after acting in recognizable soap operas. He used to be a model and took part in the creation of several TV projects and films as a producer.

Most of you have probably seen this guy in the episodes of The Young and Restless where he plays a part in Plum. If you are too involved for soap operas, you have certainly come across his cute face as Dan Hall in Days of Our Lives. Robert took part in multiple TV projects. It seems like he used to being in the limelight. He boasts an army of fans and rich personal life as well.

Unlike many other soap opera stars, Valetta has never been spotted in any scandals with the exception of is last love affair with Scheana Marie. He has a sister Amber who is also a popular model and actress.

Despite a rich social life, a few facts are actually known about Robert’s past. Today, we will try to dive deep into his childhood and the beginning of professional career not forgetting family and personal life. Stay tuned for more info!

A Brief Introduction

Born on March 23, 1981, Valetta is a US-based resident although his family came to the United States from Italy. His ancestor depicts a blend of Portuguese, Cherokee and Italian routes. His father John and mother Malaby brought him up.

Robert grew together with his sister Amber in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Both had a great passion for fame and TV career from early childhood. Such passion resulted in a pretty early TV debut back in 2005 in a short movie called He Set the Trend.

The blend of different cultures and nationalities had a great impact on Valetta’s appearance. He’s a very attractive and handsome man stepping 6.1 feet with blue eyes and brown hair. A perfect look for any makes eager to get on the big screen without any effort. The kids did not seem to have such a bright future form the start, as the family was far from being wealthy or rich. As we all know, money always matters when it comes to the modern world of show business.

The question is how did they actually manage to get to the spotlight from the family of a postal worker and professor? This is what we are going to find out today!

Professional Career and Life

As we have already mentioned, his TV debut took place in 2005. We cannot really say if it was something overwhelming or not. You might find that short movie and check yourself. However, the first appearance certainly gave his career a boost, as the next role was rather important.

Valetta got a part in the Days of Our Lives series followed by his permanent roles in The Young and Restless, Hawaii Five-0 and many more. Valetta can also boast several catchy appearances in CSI episodes.

Valetta’s Sister Amber

Robert has an elder sister whose name is Amber. She is a popular model and actress as well. Amber made a name for herself after playing a part in Hitch as Allegra Cole. She actually did a great job and earned even more recognition at the end of her career as a model considering the age. She is 42 right now.

We can also mention some of her other award-winning roles such as in cyber-punk blockbuster Gamer featuring Gerard Butler in addition to a Dead Silence horror movie. Before getting to the big screen, Amber used to be a model. She has conquered different catwalks across the globe and got to the Vogue cover for the first time at the age of 18.

Robert’s Personal Life and Relations

Robert Valetta does not have children or official wife. He had some long-running relations with another Vanderpump Rules star whose name is Scheana Marie. The actress decided to start an affair with Valetta right after splitting Mike Shay after dating for almost 15 years. It seems like Marie and Robert were in love even when Marie was still dating Shay.

Scheane is known for dating married actors. But not this time. Luckily for her, Valetta was single. Of course, he is far from being a top-list actor but still, they seem to form a good-looking couple. What was thought to be happy relations eventually turned into a split after 12 years of dating. According to rumors, their co-stars are the ones to blame. It seems like personal relations were to the detriment of their work. For this reason, they decided to break up.

Both could choose relations and quite the series. However, work seems to be more important. We are not to blame them for that. Robert and Marie are still good friends though it is sometimes hard for them to keep in touch with the family and friends’ circle.

Robert told the press that he could not put up with Marie’s world. He never felt secure there. Well, the sense of security hardly plays a major role when people are in love. Those two still have some work to do, as we look forward to some new episodes.

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