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Sebo Bear-McClard’s interesting life story

An american filmmaker, an actor and a co-founder of “Elara Pictures” filmmaking company, Sebastian Bear-McClard is best known for his movies such as “Heaven Knows What” and “Good Time”.

Newly married Hollywood star was born the same day as his colleague Quentin Tarantino on March 27 in 1987. His mom is also a well-known filmmaker Liza Bear, who was brought up in England and France and finished the University of London. There is not much known about Sebastian’s childhood, except the fact that he is a native New Yorker.

Sebastian started his movie career in 1990 by starring in “Force of Circumstance”. Then, fifteen years afterward, he stepped forward as an editor’s assistant in Hollywood, working on the film-project titled “Broken Flowers”.

The same year he took part in a movie “Buffalo Wings” but already as an actor. And since then he has decided to start up his own business. While trying to make a dream come true, Sebo, as he calls himself, continued appearing in different short movies.

In general, there can be highlighted three main directions in Sebo’s career: a producer, a director and an actor. Each of them is represented by several films. For instance, he also had roles in films “The Minority” (2006) and “Small boy”.

Working as a producer, in spite of successful “Heaven Knows What” he created pictures such as “Good Time” in 2017 and his first film ever – “Still Life”, finished in 2006. So far, McClard has directed a couple of movies, called “Bottle Poppaz” in 2012 and “Bolt from the blue” in 2010.

Further ahead, everything remained stable, until the year of 2014 when at the seventy-first Film Festival in Venice McClard’s new work “Heaven Knows What” was introduced.

Later on, he will be rewarded the Official Art Cinema award for that. In general, in the list of awards gotten for “HKW” there can be spotted “Best Director” and “Grand Prix” awards, “Gotham Film Award” (2015) and “John Cassavetes Award” (2016). It can be said with confidence that this movie is the most thriving one that Sebo has ever worked on, at least for now.

What is interesting is that the film was based on an unpublished memoir named “Mad Love in NY City” the author of which took part in filmmaking as a leading lady. Another fact is that not a long time ago, before starting filming, McClard got acquainted with the Safdie brothers who are famous for being a good filmmaker and scriptwriter duet.

In the nearest future they became the people who have been relied on to direct “HKW”. Already after movie premiere, Sebo revealed that the whole work had been done only for gaining experience.

He also expressed his attitude to the friendship with the Safdie brothers that helped him so much in making Hollywood producer’s career.

Just after finishing working on prospering “HKW”, the dream about having own business reminded about itself. And that’s how Sebastian’s own film production house “Elara Pictures” was born. And again he co-operated with Joshua and Ben Safdie. As it has later become known, “Elara” has done work on a music video by Jay-Z.

In 2017 Bear-McClard’s new award-winning movie “Good Time”, starring universally reorganized Robert Pattinson, was first shown on the screens. For this work, he was also awarded a prize from Gotham in Best Feature Film nomination.

Moving to a more intriguing part of Sebastian’s biography, it is impossible not to mention his new wife. At the end of February 2018, everyone was shocked by the news about Emily Ratajkowski’s sudden marriage. Emily is known to be a popular model with 19 million followers on Instagram.

No one was expecting her to get married (Ratajkowski was in the relationship with Jeff Magid, known as a music producer for three years) and did not even notify that they had split up. The first time she was caught on cameras accompanied by Bear-McClard was on February 13th.

As reported by a few info providers, before that they had been dating not more than a couple of months. The wedding ceremony of these two also differed from many others. Instead of wearing a poofy snow- white dress and an elegant suit, the newlyweds chose a simple, cinnamon-colored jumpsuit for Emily, and a blue business outfit for Sebastian.

As Emily later justified her choice, it is all because she does not feel like a pure woman and never wanted to wear the white wedding gown strongly associated with that. The marriage took place in NY City Hall and for such a special occasion, the groom and the bride invited only close friends and family members.

After tying the knot, the honeymooners were off to Utah. Only after the wedding, Ratajkowski revealed that until McClard had made her a paperclip ring, she did not agree to marry him.

Returning to the subject of work, Sebo McClard also has big plans for the future. Along with Josh and Ben, he is going to remake a film called “48 hrs” first presented in 1982. Also, they contemplate filming an “Uncut Gems” movie based on the story about Diamond District in NY.

There can also be predicted to be more films starring Robert Pattinson, due to their good friendship with Bear-McClard.

Overall it might be positively remarked that Sebastian has been a significant character in modern cinematography.

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