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The Life of Sheila Miyoshi Jager

Sheila Jager is an anthropologist and a program director at a private humanitarian school in Oberlin. She has written two books and is a co-editor of a book about Asian countries.

She is known as a specialist in the Asian countries. It is interesting that she got the greatest popularity because of her relationship with the 44th President.

Training and Achievements

A future historian and anthropologist was born in 1963. She received her bachelor of arts degree in a private College in Vermont, and graduated when she turned 21. A year later, she received a master of arts degree at Middlebrow College.

Ten years later, she became a candidate of anthropology at the University of Chicago, which ranks fourth in the world for the Nobel prize. One of the oldest interdisciplinary programs in higher education is “Oriental studies”. Sheila decided to devote herself to the history of the East.

A great talent, hard work and an interest in the knowledge of the Eastern nations allowed her to create several fascinating books.

First book: “Narratives of State Building in Korea”

This book is a statement of interrelated events presented to the reader or listener in the form of a sequence of words or images. The writer presented a book on the history of the Korean nation in 2003. On the pages of the book, the historian carefully analyzes the Korean language and its changes over the centuries.

George Grinder, an anthropologist at the University of Washington, in a book review wrote that this book edition is very consistent and reasoned. Therefore, it is worth reading and trusting the information provided. He also said that although the book is small, but the amount of information contained in it is so big that it requires a more detailed and extensive analysis that can complicate its reading.

A researcher Martina Deuchler from Switzerland called the book “a complex and an excellent study” and warned us that reading the text is quite difficult.

The publication tells that ideology, the struggle of systems, and the struggle for the soul of the world were very important components of this confrontation.

Second book: “Ruptured Histories”

Five years after the release of the first book, the second book was published. This is a collection of small prose works written by various scientists on the state of Asian countries after the Cold War (the confrontation was a struggle for spheres of influence after the Second World War). The book was edited jointly by Sheila Jagger and Rana Mitter.

A historian M. Coble in his review of the “Quarter of China” concluded that in this book there is no common theme between Asian studies, when compared to Europe.

Professor Kerry Smith offered to read the whole book from beginning to end. As a result, a reader will see the whole picture, not only the chapters on the personal interests of specific countries.

Eric Harms, an anthropologist at New Haven, also expressed his opinion. In his article, he described the book as a publication that collected examples that are expert-researched and theoretically grounded.

The Third Book: “Brothers on War”

Published by the historian in 2013, the book describes how, using various tricks and propaganda, Korea and China delayed the negotiations on a truce.

Professor A. Nathan, from the University of Columbia, specializing in Chinese politics, considers that Korea could become the territory of China. In that case, it would have avoided the economic crisis.

Private Life

Sheila was in a relationship with Barack Obama in the ’80s. Obama appointed her as his mentor at the law agency “Sidley & Austin”. Before that, she worked as an assistant.

“In January 1986 we came to visit my parents. There he offered me to be his wife. I said it was too early, and we kept seeing each other,” — Sheila said.

In 1988, he proposed to Sheila again and asked her to go with him to East England. For this, a student of the anthropology faculty had to postpone writing her dissertation. The woman felt that Barack did this out of fear of losing her at that time, not out of faith in their relationship. She said no to him again, and they broke up. They hardly saw each other for several years.

Soon the future politician went to Harvard to study. He proposed to Sheila again to legitimize their relationship, but she refused. Americans learned about their relationship in May 2017, when Obama was already the President of the country. This was written in his book by David Garrow, and then the information was published in articles in various daily editions.

Sheila married a colleague of hers from Oberlin University. Gyul Kim is an anthropologist, a biologist, a researcher and a former soldier of the troops of the US. The couple has children..

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