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The Life Story of an Amazing Woman Sunetra Sastry

An Anglo-Indian makeup artist Sunetra Sastry is a woman of an exotic beauty. She is known to many as Rowan Sebastian Atkinson (or Mr.Bean’s) first wife. Their marriage was unsuccessful because of the actor’s infidelity, and they separated in 2015.


Sunetra Sastry was born in 1957. She comes from an international family: her father is Indian and her mother is English from a very wealthy family. But after the birth of Sunetra she gave up her roots. When the girl wondered why her mother did it, she replied: “I don’t regret it.”

Sunetra grew up in England and as a child was attacked by racists because of her non-European appearance and her father’s origin. The civil movements around the world changed this reality, and later on everything changed for the better.


After successfully graduating from high school, Sunetra entered the college of beauty located in the capital of England, although the family was against her ideas. However, Sunetra had real interest and passion in her studies.

The Beauty school in London is one of the best makeup schools in Europe that teaches about high fashion, photographic techniques and media makeup. Her teachers were the world’s leading makeup artists. Sunetra studied the courses on makeup and hair care, cosmetology, makeup design, Spa therapy, massage and aesthetic care, as well as fashion, media, and prosthetic makeup.

Professionals in the beauty industry receive a high salary and can count on career and creative growth. And Sastry was not mistaken in choosing this profession. She became a popular, promising makeup artist.

Personal Life and Work

The personal life of the woman is closely intertwined with her career. On the set of the television show “BlackAdder”, where she worked as a makeup artist, she met a British actor Rowan Sebastian Atkinson. On the set she had to work with the actor Stephen Fry. Fry liked this young and attractive girl, as he later admitted. But Rowan, seeing a beautiful girl, begged Stephen to change a makeup artist. Fry said he saw how much she liked the comic actor, and decided to step aside.

So, a romantic relationship struck up between them. They were dating for three years, and then decided to legalize their relationship. The lovers decided that the winter of 1990 is the perfect time for the wedding ceremony. The young couple welcomed their guests in the famous New York restaurant “Russian Tea”. Fry was not only an honored guest at the wedding but also the best man.

The star couple raised two children, a boy and a girl. The eldest child Benjamin was born in 1993, and two years later his sister Lily was born. After the filming of “Black Adder” and “Smack and Thistle” Sunetra decided to finish her career and devote herself to the education of young children.

Over time, the relationship of the spouses deteriorated and the couple broke up. Sunetra filed for divorce in the Central family court of London after 25 years of marriage.

Rowan was dating a 32-years old actress Louise Ford, who he met in the production of the “West End”. The rumors about the love affair appeared in 2014, but representatives of the actor did not comment on the publication in the tabloids. A year later, according to some media reports, the relations between them stopped.

In November 2015, the marriage between a famous makeup artist and a famous comic actor was dissolved. The trial lasted for sixty-five seconds. Rowan refused to appear in court and the marriage was dissolved. The judge expressed his opinion about the actor and said that this attitude towards his wife is unreasonable.

His divorce disappointed not only the actor’s admirers but also his children. In 2017 Atkinson’s daughter Lily said that she no longer wanted to bear the name of her father and took her mother’s maiden name.

Shortly before the breakup Rowan and Sunetra started construction of a house in Oxfordshire that is $11 million worth. However, after the breakup, the actor moved into his $4 million London house, and his wife moved into a $21 million mansion downtown.

Most of her career, she created unique images of Rowan Sebastian Atkinson for filming. She also worked with the actors of the movie “Smack and Thistle” for the BBC. At the moment, Sastry is trying to stay away from the public.

At present the woman isn’t working anywhere. She devoted all her time to charities in England. For her conscientious work, Sunetra was noted by many scholars.

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