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Definition of a Gyalchester

Have you ever been to Manchester? All right, that was not a big deal, plenty of you was there. What about Rochester, Winchester and Colchester? Also marked as visited? Well done, you are a passionate tourist. But let’s find out the place where you’ve never been before and that is Gyalchester. If you are interested where it is, it is useless to check Google Maps. It’s Urban Dictionary that may help you to reveal the location (not on the map but in the modern slang dictionary).

According to the main definition, Gyalchester is a slang name for Manchester, the parish in Middlesex County, one of the fourteen parishes of the island of Jamaica. The nickname origins seem to be related with the Creole language of Jamaican Patois. The part «man» is replaced here with «gyal» to reflect the fact that there are a huge amount of «gyals» in this particular area.

The word «gyal» has obviously the same origins as «Gyalchester». Due to the definition given by Jamaican patois and slang online dictionary Patwah, «gyal» has the meaning «young women». The connotation of the word is neutral. Depending on the situation, it can vary. The basic definition is «a female child», but it can be used as well as «girl» in the meaning of «baby», «honey», «darling», etc. In this case, the connotation would be rather positive.

The second option is way more popular nowadays in the modern Jamaican society, especially among the young people. It’s common here to ask «Wah yuh name, gyal?» or to describe a young woman with the words «Dis gyal nuh so bad».

It can be also spelled as «gal». If a man has a great success with the girls, he can be called «gyalis», Caribbean local word for «playboy». Otherwise, a guy who is trying to get a girl’s attention spending huge sums of money on the costly presents like jewelry, even if he is poor, can be called «gyal clown».

Neither gyal nor Gyalchester was popular away from Jamaica until 2017. The situation changed immediately after the release of famous rapper Drake’s new album called «More life». The playlist contains twenty-two new tracks. «Gyalchester» was the title of the ninth of them. The song can be called successful for sure. On the «United States Billboard Hot 100» it peaked at number twenty-nine out of the best hundred. It was even better performed in Canada: chart position number thirteen.

Curious fans had no idea what that strange word means. What do we do today if we don’t know something? Right, just ask Google for help. The wave of hype created by them was so huge that searching phrase «what does a «gyalchester» mean?» strikes Google Trends top just in a few weeks after the release of the track list. As a result, today this local Jamaican term of speech is truly popular all over the world, not only in the Caribbean.

Another two different words related to the album which turned to be unknown for the general public are «Giggs» and «Blem». The «Giggs» meaning was the easiest to find out. It is the name of the English rapper who collaborated with Drake and made several feats with him. «Blem», on the other hand, was another representative of the Jamaican contemporary slang.

It has the same definition as American English analog «high» in the meaning of «mental condition after smoking marijuana».

The nickname for the district of Manchester is the most popular one but not the only existing definition of the slang word. Three more of them can be found in the Urban Dictionary of English:

  • City of Manchester located in the United Kingdom can also be called Gyalchester because of the huge number of beautiful young girls there. It was Canadian rapper Drake who used it first during his concerts.
  • Any place all over the world can also be called Gyalchester if it’s crowded with pretty gyals. Even the common garden party. This usage is highly criticized by the natives of Manchester, Middlesex, Jamaica. There is only one true Gyalchester, they believe. None of the rest cities on the whole Earth is allowed to implement this unique local slang naming itself.
  • People of Jamaica are always aware of the existing patriarchal inclinations of their society. A lot of them want to share the awareness with interlocutors in a polite way. So they may change the words in a way to make them seem more feminine. As a result, we can get surprising combinations as manifest – womanifest, gyalifest; mandatory – womandatory, gyaldatory; Manchester – Womanchester, Gyalchester.

The reason why local slang word «Gyalchester» became popular is not unique. There were a lot of words which got his hype because of a star used them even once in the past. We will definitely meet way more of them in the nearest future. But each of them influenced contemporary English in its own unrepeatable way.

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